Order Custom Printed Cookies - NEW for 2021

If you have had our delicious custom printed cookies at an event and wish to order some, contact us at 847 814-7926 (Text or phone) or send an email to deborah@thesugargarden.com for a quote. We can print your design or graphic right on cookies so your options are limitless.

We do need high resolution graphics files to print. We do not have the licenses to print charcters such as those owned by Disney. Please be sure you have permission from the copyright/trademark holder for any logos you wish to have reproduced.

Each 3" in diameter cookie is frosted, printed with FDA approved edible ink, sealed in a cellophane bag and tied with a ribbon that coordinates with your design. They are priced at $5.50/cookie with a minimum of one dozen of a design.

We deliver to the North and Northwest suburbs of Chicago. We do not ship. Cookies are too fragile to entrust to the post office or a shipping company.



Do you ship your sugar décor?

The short answer is “no,” it is way too fragile to ship. It isn’t just wrapping it that’s a problem. The bounce, bounce, bounce in the back of a truck is very damaging and can cause delicate sugar pieces to break.

There are two exceptions.

Exception #1

When I get a call from a bride from outside of Illinois, I ask if any of her guests are driving from the Chicago area. If so, I can pack the décor well enough to survive a car ride.  The driver still has to be careful to keep the package upright and level.  The work is boxed with detailed instructions for the baker or whoever is going to set up the cake.

Exception #2

I have shipped small blossoms and leaves across the country. They are packaged in bubble wrapped tubes in a box. That box is nested in another box with foam pellets.  I sent hundreds of cherry blossoms and leaves to Charleston SC. Everything arrived in perfect condition. The downside is that the shipping cost is very high.


How do I get a quote?

Send me an email with the following information:

If you are a retail customer:

·      Your name

·      The date and time of your event

·      The location of your event – specific restaurant, hotel, club, etc.

·      The name of the business that is making your cake

·      A sketch, a magazine picture or a description of what you have in mind. The more specific the information, the better.  The size of the cake– colors-type of flowers- type of butterflies-etc.


If you are a chef or a baker:

·      Your name

·      The name and location of your business

·      The date and time that you need the décor

·      As much specific information as you have about the project

·      Let us know if you want to have The Sugar Garden apply the décor or if you prefer to have the pieces delivered for you to complete the cake?