About The Sugar Garden

Sculpting ceramic roses in a neighborhood class taught by her Mom, is Deborah Ryan’s first memory of turning “clay into flowers.” Years later, Deborah, the creator of “The Sugar Garden” is turning “sugar clay” into flowers, characters, buildings, fabric,  ribbons, birds, zoo animals and anything else a client requests.

After graduating from Northwestern University with a B.S. in Communications, Deborah returned to her artistic passion - studying mixed media art and photography at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago.

Painting, photography and illustration were pursuits that followed, paralleling a career in event and hospitality management. A decision to expand her culinary expertise and enthusiasm for “creating art” to a professional level led her to complete the Pastry Arts Program at Harper College near Chicago as well as to attend classes at The School of the International Sugar Art Collection (the Nicholas Lodge School) in Atlanta and The French Pastry School in Chicago.

The Sugar Garden specializes in in hand made sugar artwork. Sculpted flowers and creations have enhanced events throughout the Chicago area.  Delicious cakes and cookies, all baked from the freshest ingredients have been served at countless weddings and celebrations.   The “Corporate Cookies” have been used as hotel amenities and business gifts. The award winning ‘Christmas Card Cookies” have been called “too pretty to eat.”

There are no short cuts or mixes that can make customers say, “wow, this actually tastes as good as it looks."  Only pastry expertly baked “from scratch” results in the taste that compliments the spectacular look. Testimonials from hosts and guests confirm the quality of The Sugar Garden’s creations.

The Sugar Garden also acts as a silent partner to pastry professionals. The availability of outsourced cake décor by The Sugar Garden gives chefs the opportunity to compete for specialty cake business without having a confectionary artist in house. The Sugar Garden is happy to bid on designs furnished by the chef’s client or to participate in the design process at whatever level is appropriate. The finished pieces can be delivered for last minute assembly or installed on site. Each project is started fresh. There is no inventory of flowers colored and waiting to be sent out.